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Toddler With Celiac? And Dairy Protein Allergy?

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So here is the backstory- my son is 14 months old and and amazing! He got very very sick when he was 3 months old and spent 3 weeks in the hospital before being diagnosed with a dairy protein allergy. I cut out dairy out of my diet and things got better. He was a bigger kid- always abut 60-80 % in height and weight. Until he hit about 6 months- he just hasn't grown much since then. When he was 6 mos he was 27 in and 19.5 lbs. Today (14 mos) he was 28 1/2 inches and 20.5 lbs. He has been having diahhrea that has undigested food in it, I have noticed the circles under his eyes getting worse. He isn't too grumpy nor is his belly distended. But he dripped from 60% to 5th. The drs are testing him for celiacs and I should get the results on Friday. I am totally worried because he already can't eat anything with dairy in it, so if he can't eat gluten either- what will he eat? Does it sound to you like he has celiac? How old were you when you found out about your babies celiac's disease? Thanks!

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Don't worry about the dairy or dairy and gluten combination. When the time comes, you just take it one step at a time. Many, many of us have to eliminate or restrict both. There are plenty of alternatives for pancakes, cookies, crackers, bread, pasta, cereal, cheese, milk, butter etc. that are both gluten and casein-free. Lots of websites, books and recipes. Many parents have their children on gluten-free casein-free diets for various reasons, not just celiac. Plus we have the world of fruits and vegetables available to us. You have the opportunity to introduce and teach your child to like a variety of veg. from a young age and that will be a great benefit to his health.

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missy'smom is right. Most of the really healthy foods in this world are naturally gluten free. But the fun stuff is also out there in gluten/dairy free form.

If you need more specific information for the "what will he eat" try making a menu and researching this site and others for specific ingredients to meals. It's not hard once you get started.




almond milk



rice cake

strawberry jam



gluten free hot cereal

diced apple/cinnimon

almond milk

maple syrup

OK this is making me hungry. I'm off to make a Mondays breakfast and finish the laundry. Take care

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