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Question About Bloodwork

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Y'all have been very helpful on my other posts, and this one is more "technical" in nature I guess... I already know that for whatever reason, I feel better gluten free and that if I'm gluten free for any length of time, eating certain products makes me nauseous...

My questions are this:

1) Blood work showed mild IgA deficiency, normal all else... What is the relationship of that to gluten intolerance/sensitivity? Is there any?

2) Somethings make me nauseous, others dont. Ceral, fine, waffle fine, nutrigrain bars, fine. Wheat bread or yeast rolls, instant nausea. A friend suggested a problem with candida (candida sensitivity? I'm not sure) but that that might explain why certain wheat products affect me and others don't. I should mention that I definitely have autoimmune problems. Have you heard of candida issues and do you agree that could be a factor in my gut problems??

Thanks, Jennifer

(BTW, for those on Facebook, look me up -- Jennifer Henderson)

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I have read that IgA deficiency is a risk factor for both celiac and autoimmune disorders. My daughter is also IgA deficient, about half normal. I hope others have more info for you. Good luck!

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