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Digestive Gut Issues

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haven't been here in a while, hopefully I can get some feedback.

Diagnosed with Hashi's in 1999, celiac in 2004, IBS in the 60's.

Am currently on 75mg of Armour after trying to do a compounded T-4 due to high (+1000) antibodies which doc thought Armour might be contributing. Long story short, back on Armour 4-5 months ago and began a trial of LDN to try and get the antibodies down and to also help with the celiac portion.

Recently developed reflux, noisy,gurgling stomach, loose bowels, sometimes diarrhea (strict celiac and vegatarian) back aches, and general feeling not all that good, sometimes difficulty swallowing (one reason we increased the Armour, was only doing 45mg daily, with 48mcg of compounded T-4).

I take a really good probiotic, L-Glutamine every day, D-3 (metagenics), get a B-12 shot 2x a month, selenium, folic acid and eat organic.

Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions that maybe I haven't done, tried. I am at my wit's end.

Bloodwork okay, just went for UA on thursday and when they did the dipstick there were mild traces of blood, they're sending out to lab.

Thanks for any feedback.


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