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Are There Any Low Sodium To No Sodium Gluten Free Alcohol Beverages

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What kind of drinks are you looking for? Any gluten-free hard alcohol would qualify, and so would gluten-free beer, and wine. I'd stay away from bloody mary's, dirty martini's and margaritas for sure.

Vodka Rocks would be zero sodium, regular cosmopolitans should be okay too. I'm sure there are many more you can find. I don't know them all, but can look them up if you want to check. :P

If you're wanting to do zero sodium, sodium metabisulfite is used as a preservative in many kinds of drinks, but it's not much sodium at all. Usually people have problems with the sulfites, not the sodium.

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My homemade margaritas would be sodium free if I omited the salt on the rim! :D

best regards, lm

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