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Pale Stools?

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DS has been gluten free for several years now (so is everyone else in the family except for DH....and he is the one with the worst digestive issues.....that is a whole other topic). DS has always had pale stools once in a while but now it is getting worse. I have never seen poop such a strange color and I am a nurse. Sometimes they are light green, light yellow and even white once or twice. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am making an appointment with his doctor but I wanted to check here first. I have learned more here than from any doctor. I think he may possibly be lactose intolerant since many people in DH's family is. I think DH's family would have a cow if I told them DS couldn't eat anything with lactose. They weren't too happy about the gluten free thing but eventually came around. MIL said she is lactose intolerant but still refuses to give up milk. I just don't understand how anyone can stand to feel sick all the time. Thanks!

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