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Alert! Mispackaged Breyers May Have Wheat

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This is what they said, so please check anything you bought from Breyers! Hopefully everyone is up to date on it.

10/22/09 : Unilever United States, Inc., of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is voluntarily recalling a limited number of tubs of Breyers

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This is the second alert for this. Please forgive me, I don't mean to sound rude or anything. But who is not going to notice their ice cream is Cookies & Cream instead of Mint Chocolate Chip? Not only that, but you have at least two other chances to notice the discrepancy between the lid and the carton. When you get it out of the freezer in the store, and when you get it out of your own freezer, and take the lid off yourself. Who's not going to notice what it say's on the lid?

I'm just thinking, if you don't notice that, you may not be a good candidate for a gluten-free diet. :D

best regards, lm

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