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larry mac

Gluten-Free Bread Machine Baking

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Re: 125 Best Gluten-Free Bread Machine Recipes

by Donna Washburn, Heather Butt

I've been going through about 2 loaves of Udi's bread a week. That's about 45-$55 a month. Plus, sometimes it's not as good as it could be. My 1st loaf was spectacular, but it's never come close to that again.

I've been thinking about getting a bread machine that either has a gluten-free setting, or is programmable. I think I'll wait 'till this book comes out.

They also wrote what is probably my most useful gluten-free book, "The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook". There is an information table comparing thickeners (flours/starches) for making sauces, gravies, soups, etc. that is well worth the price of the book. I highly recommend it just for that.

best regards, lm

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