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Wanted: 100% Free From Cosmetics - Gluten, Wheat, Soy And Veagn - Can You Help?

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I need to find some cosmetics that are free from gluten, wheat, (barley, oats, rye), soy, yeast and are vegan (no dairy, casein, lactose, whey.)

Can anyone please help me.

I've tried Afterglow but they have cross contamination issues and have aqdvised me not to use.

Herbs of Grace seems OK but unsure on gluten - has anyone used?

I've also tried contacting Laranim but no reply yet.

Bare essentials and mineral make up both said to avoid because of CC issues.

Barry M have wheatgerm in some products and unsure what the Vit E is derived from.

I've emailed so many firms but replies are slow in returning because I've so many allergies.

Is there any make ups / cosmetics I could use.

Any help is very grateful.

Thanks for reading!

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hi there

I am really not a specialist about make up, since gluten gives me skin problems I avoided it a lot...

But just in case it helps (?), here are the two products I use:

-100% pure lip & cheek tint -it is gluten-free, though I know they have some other products with gluten in them (CC?).

I use it for cheeks & eyes and haven't had a problem. this one is gluten-free & vegetarian, not vegan I believe because of the presence of beeswax...but they have blush, eye shadow and probably more products that are gluten-free and vegan...maybe worth having a look?

-ecco bella mascara; this one has parabens (evil!) but this was the only mascara I found when I went gluten-free, and I really don't use it much...so it is ok until I find better!

...I am also still looking around, so I'll post back if I find anything interesting...


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Check the ingredients for products by: Fresh, Tarte, philosophy, and Korres on the Sephora website. (The Sephora site lists ingredients for many products). I think Tarte even uses corn-based packaging/containers instead of plastics. I have good luck at the Sephora store too--typically you can find reps at the store for a number of the brands. The brand reps are usually fun and helpful.

I've heard MAC is another option, but I haven't researched them and can't find an ingredient list on their site.

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