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Deschute's Brewery, Portland, Or

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All I can say is WOW! So...WOW! My boss, a co-worker, and I went there tonight, and it was FANTASTIC! They only had one gluten free beer, but they had a separate gluten free menu, they cook aware of cross-contamination, they make their own gluten-free buns, they have some gluten-free desserts, the server was very knowledgeable about the gluten content of EVERYTHING, even the 'secret sauce' in the unmarked bottle on the table! It was fantastic! I would HIGHLY recommend going there. My boss, who is also gluten-free and normally CF as well hadn't eaten there before, but had read about it on a website and they got high reviews. We almost went to the Berlin Inn, which was rated almost as high but opted for the Brewery, and I'm glad. The gluten-free beers came with a bright yellow band around the bottom to set them apart from the non-gluten-free beef, the burgers had yellow tooth-picks, they have a separate fryer for the gluten free items....

He (our server) even gladly went and checked for me about one of the desserts to see if it was made with cocoa powder or chocolate chips (since chips have soy in them).

Ok, I'm raving, but it was wonderful! And the beer and 1/2 bottle of wine probably contributed too. :) I know, I'm a lightweight....

I've been back in my room now for well over an hour and I feel GREAT! And very full....

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Hubby went there last week, said the menu was great!

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