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Is It All In My Head?

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Hi guys,

So I'm in college right now, and even though Ive met time after time with the food supervisors here, there has not been much improvement on my options in the dining hall. I've basically been sick constantly since Ive been here, and all Ive been eating is greens with lemon juice and olive oil, plain grilled chicken breast, and fruit. Ive been more careful than ever,but my symptoms arent going away! My roomate thought that maybe it's all a psychological thing, which I think it could be. Since I've been glutinized so many times before, I think I have this mentality that EVERYTHING will have gluten in it, and its a lost cause. If I try to be more optimistic and not worry so much about it, maybe my system will get back to normal... its just not fun having constant diarrhea when sharing a bathroom with everyone in my residence hall. =[ Is it possible that its just all in my head, and Im just convincing myself that everything has gluten in it? (Btw.. I have been gluten-free for only about 5 months so is this a common thing for newbies?) I appreciate ANY responses!

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Are you allowed to have a fridge and microwave in your room? If you are that might be the best way to go. I doubt this is in your head and you are likely getting CC'd at the dining hall or some other way. Have you checked all supplements and meds you take? Are you avoiding dairy? We often need to until we have healed. I hope this resolves soon for you as it can't be easy to keep your grades up while you are still so ill.

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Its not in your head. People just don't take this stuff seriously. It is absolutely maddening! If you can not extract yourself from the situation then keep working on the food, see if you can get a meeting with the Chancellor to see if he/she would be willing to get the ball rolling for you. You are a pioneer and what you do now will pave the way for all the rest of the people with gluten issues who will surely come after you.


It is awful to be sooooo good and get CC'd anyway! Little else makes me so angry. Ruffles naturals potato chips got me a few days back and my gut still hasn't fully recovered. -_-

Anyway, we are here for support anytime you need it!

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...dang...there goes chocolate... :bawl:

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Ugh. That doesn't sound any fun. It's not likely in your head, but gluten may not be the whole story. A condition called fructose malabsorption can cause D. It's sort of like lactose intolerance but caused by fructose. If you're eating a lot of fruit, that might set it off.

This might help you figure out if that's going on.


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Here is the problem with cafeteria's.

You do not know what is cooked with or in what.

Meaning if you are overly sensitive then lets say they cook chicken in the same pan they cooked chicken fingers in or on the same grill and they touched and you eat the chicken.. Boom your going to react to the gluten.

It sounds like your system is really sensitive. And I know this sucks but put your food down, go see the Dean or head of the school and explain your case.

There could be small traces of gluten in dressings, sauces, additives and on grills, pans, fryers.

For Example. MacDonalds always claimed their fries were gluten and in fact they actually are, with that said though.. What they forgot to indulge is that they also cook their fries in the same greece or oil as they cook their chicken fingers.... and the bread on the chicken fingers has gluten in it.

So the gluten goes into the oil on the fries and you get sick..

Its that easy.

Stick to lettuce, greens, fruit. Try to find a few things in the gluten free section you can also nibble on like, gluten free cereal, granola snacks, crackers, these type of things you can keep in your room and if you can invest in a mini fridge you can get gluten free salad dressing, some lettuce, vegies and fruits to help tie you over.

Sorry thats the best help I can give.

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