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Find A Doctor In Grand Rapids Mi. Area

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After 3 years of going to a Metabolic Clinic in Kalamazoo Mi. the clinic closed, and I am frustrated!! I am left with Doctors that don't believe my problems are from gluten, I do quite well most of the time, if I don't slip up! I am not diagnosed celiac, therefore "I don't have gluten problems" according to all the gastro Doc's I have seen. I have what I call 'Flares' 2 putting me in the hospital. Low potassium, and de-hydration I would love to be able to find a Doctor in the Grand Rapids Michigan area that is sympathetic and willing to treat me without saying I have IBS and wanting to put me on high powered drugs, when I prove time after time I do great without gluten, and whole milk products. Would appreciate some Doctor names and experiences.

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