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Gluten Free For 18 Months & The Big D Has Returned

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Gluten Free for 18 months and the Big D returned about 6 months ago... It started gradual along with some minor gut pain... I saw my GI early in Jan and discussed options... I was thinking I had issues with corn or even another food/foods... The plan was to see a food Allergists and if I tested negative, the Butt & Gut Scopes were next... Tested negative to all 27 foods that I was tested for.. I had the scope work done Jan 25th and got the Biopsy results today... Colon report was good and didn't show any cause for D... On the Top end I have some Reflux damage, gut showed scaring (most likely from many years of Gluten), and the stomach tested positive for H Pylori.. My GI isn't sure that H Pylori is causing the D, but wants to review it after my 20 day treatment program... First 10 days, Prevacid 30mg 2 x daily and PYLORI capsules(3) 4 x daily after a meal... For the next 10 days I take (1) Prevacid daily and call my GI after I complete the program... Now I wondering if anyone else with H Pylori suffered with D and if the D left after the H Pylori treatment ????

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