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Constipation And Probiotics And Aloe Vera

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Help... there now maybe someone will come on this thread. I am wondering if any of you who suffer from C as a reaction to being glutened also suffer from very bad reactions to aloe vera and probiotics if you take them during an attack? I have had nasty reactions to both during 'gluten attacks'. :huh: I use to take both without problems before the onset of the gluten sensitivity.

Or further, does ANYONE? react badly to probiotics? Or aloe vera?

Anemia and IBS through my life

2005 Joint pain, exhaustion, general feeling of not being well 2006 Beginning of testing for everything but Celiac 2008 Bloating, more muscle stiffness, feeling sicker, more exhausted-testing 'normal' 2010 March insides begin to shut down, cough that won't go away 2010 June Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, biopsy - all show no problems

Self diagnosed gluten intolerant - went gluten free. Within 3 days feeling better.

After 5 days - insides began to move

Now - feel better than I have felt for 15 years (except when I gluten myself.. which I'm good at)

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