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Dna Results: How To Interpret Results/super Celiac-And Double Dq2?

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Hi All,

First- THANKS to all who post and answer on this incredible forum! Second- HELP please with interpreting DNA results. My Quest lab results just came in, "typing by PCR and hybridization with sequence specific oligonucleotide probes (sso)." It states:


(DQA1*05/DQB1*02) Positive


(DQA1*03/DQB1*0302) Negative

HLA-DQA1* 02

HLA-DQA1* 05

HLA-DQB1* 0201

HLA-DQB1* 0202

The lab report concludes I am positive for "one of the variants of HLA-DQ associated with celiac disease" but aren't there more than just the HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8? Also- does it look like I have two varients of HLA-DQ2??????

How do I figure out what the serological equivalent is, and the subtype (x,x) is? Do I have a homozygous or heterozygous genetic expression here? (Both parents, or one parent carried the genes for celiac disease?) I'm so confused.....

My sister said she tested positive for two. I'm trying to get her lad report too to compare.

Thanks to the experts who have posted in the past on genetic results. I searched the forum and didn't quite see this one posted, so thanks in advance for your help!

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