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Testing In Toddler - Total Serum Iga

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Hi All,

I'm just wondering if anyone can shed some light on testing for an 18-month-old. I'm personally convinced that my 2 young children and I have celiac. I just tested positive for DQ2.5, but my serology was normal. Dr. wants to do an endoscopy. My young daughter had testing done, but only the serology, not the genetics. It all came back normal. I'd heard that testing in young children was not too reliable, and that lab normal ranges for Total Serum IgA are sometimes too low to detect a deficiency. Has anyone heard of this? The lab value range was from 8-220, and my daughter was 17. Maybe this is a stretch, but we've got to figure something out to get her eating and growing! Thanks in advance for any info you all can share!

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