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New To All This... Still Not Sure If Its Even Celiac

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Hi there,

This is my first post, i am new to this world. I had my bloodwork done yesterday and have now been gluten free for a whole 24 hours.

I'm nervous about all the testing and what this all means. So far the people around me havent seemed like this is to big a deal, but it is, isnt it?

But i guess when they arent the ones who are going to have to be making all the changes, its not as dramatic.

Anyways, i just needed a chance to rant, and am glad i found somewhere where there are others going through and here for support.

Thanks for listening


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It is a big deal. But possibly a rewarding big deal. I would not sweat about it. I have gone gluten free twice. Both for testing reasons. One time for nearly a year and this latest for a month. It is a hump that you have to get over, but ultimately you may really improve your health and for the better. Best of luck.

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