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Blood Sugar Problems

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So I am in my early twenties and all of a sudden I have severe periodontal gum disease over the matter of less than a year. It became so bad that I had to have surgery... multiple bones grafts, etc. I'm so young and I have the gums of a 70 year old... makes no sense.

Over a period of a few months I was having problems digesting fats... fats would be in my stool. It is like I didn't digest them at all. It went away. I also would wake up in the middle of the night and vomit. That only happens every once in a while.

I've always been hypoglycemic, but lately it seems I can't control my blood sugar at all. I thought I might have type 1 diabetes but my resting blood sugar test was fine. So I'm not diabetic; I'm very skinny and eat all the time. My white blood cell count was down however.

Does this sound like celiac disease? I think I'm going to go in and get tested for it. I eat A LOT of wheat not to mention love wheat beer.

But I'm more concerned with... does celiac disease ever mess with people's blood sugar? I mean if they already have problems with their blood sugar can it make it worse???

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