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I figured I would post this here as I feel my main issue is getting my diet under control, if this is not the correct section my apologies.

As im a first time poster my quick run down sob story go's as - I was officially diagnosed with Celiac this year in January, I have taken my diet very seriously as Im not really a fan of the symptoms and internal implosions. They had originally diagnosed me with Gall balder issues until I got to experience that wonder alien probing adventure. (um

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I hear your diet disappointment loud and clear, and I understand it. I was diagnosed with celiac over seven years ago and have fastidiously followed a gluten-free diet; however, I also gained about 25 pounds and was truly confused why my "healthy" diet wasn't helping me lose weight. Heck, I didn't eat baked goods anymore, and my diet was balanced with a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also tried every medically supervised, fad, and popular diet...and nothing worked. I'm also a lifelong runner and avid exerciser, so my weight-loss failure really depressed me.

However, I've FINALLY found the key to weight-loss after reading a book that, I believe, was recommended on this forum (or it might have been on my exercise forum). It's entitled, "Primal Body, Primal Mind," and it has completely changed the way I look at food. The author explains in very plain language the biochemical changes in the body caused by the modern foods we eat. The author also is gluten sensitive, so I love her constant reminders for people not to eat gluten EVER. Anyway, I've been following her suggested way of eating for three weeks, and I've lost two pants sizes during that time. The diet is effortless, makes complete sense, and I feel better than I've ever felt in my entire life. Also, I feel happy every day! I longer feel depressed or anxious, and I have so much energy, I've just finished landscaping my whole back yard (hoed Bermuda grass, created terraces, and constructed retaining walls with rocks).

Anyway, I realize that you've probably been advised to read this or that book on every possible diet, but this one is lifechanging, especially for people with celiac. I now know why I continue to suffer from fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies--I wasn't eating enough saturated fat. Apparently, I was also eating way too much glucose in the form of juices, fruits, and gluten-free flours. The diet is somewhat similar to the Paleo Diet, but it's more restrictive (no potatoes, rice, and only berries for fruit). However, the addition of saturated fat in such forms as avocado, organic butter, organic cheeses, and chicken with the skin intact has made me feel as though everything I eat is decadent. The author explains that saturated fat does NOT cause a person to get fat--carbohydrates have that job (in ALL forms, including fruits and all grains). She explains that early humans were taller, had healthier bones and teeth, and ate ONLY meat (proven by fossilized human feces), and this is why the human body is able to convert protein to carbohydrate but not the other way around--we evolved to eat protein and fat, not carbohydrates. The addition of carbs in our modern-day diet has caused our glucose and insulin levels to rise, our bones to become porous, our teeth to become crooked and weak, and our bodies to become prone to many auto-immune diseases. It takes about 100,000 years for us to evolve well enough to digest new foods, and grains and most vegetables and fruits have only been around for 10,000 years...with an increase in grains (because of milling) in the past 150 years. Our bodies simply cannot operate well on this "new" diet.

I cannot recommend this book enough--it is the BEST book on any subject that I have ever read...and I've read a lot of books in my lifetime. Please take the time to read it and follow the author's instructions--you'll see the weight just melt off effortlessly, and you'll feel like a million bucks.

Life is now good for me...and it will soon be for you, too.

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I have a close friend who lost from half her weight from 340 lb down to 170 lb and she's still losing. All her obesity-related health problems are gone, and she had some scary ones - I was there by her hospital bed. She is an MD and she has written a book on what finally worked for her. Her book is here on LULU.


She is also starting a free massive weight loss support group. I don't know how it will work out, but you have nothing to lose by checking it out.


(By the way, I get nothing from Estelle for linking this. She is the friend who helped me find EMPowerPlus and regain my mental health so I think very highly of her!)

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I do thank you both for the replies

RoseTapper23 - I've downloaded the Primal Body, Primal mind book and have begun reading it. I of course immediately skipped right to the dietary plan prior to reading anything else but have since started reading the rest.

I do have a few concerns im sure your not able to answer, First it says if you have high blood pressure and taking medication to consult a doctor, second if you have Gall stones or Gall bladder issues you shouldnt be doing this until said issues are taken care off.

I of course deal with both, The Blood pressure I suppose wont really matter seeing as im eating less than this diet recommends, however eating more fatty meats could be an issue with the gall bladder. But im sure this is explained more in detail.

So may I ask what your personal diet consist of RoseTapper?, daily portions?, do you exercise?

I was surprised about the Rice!, I only eat Balsamic rice now but I was always told that

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You know, I probably skipped right by the gallbladder concerns because I have none, personally. Since there can be issues with eating fat when a person has gallbladder disease or has had the gallbladder removed, it appears that you'll have to delve more deeply into the book....and perhaps even e-mail the author with your questions on this.

As for my diet, I drink a smoothie in the morning that contains organic goat kefir, a handful of organic strawberries and blueberries, and a little Stevia (because the kefir is really too sour for my tastes); I also eat a hard-boiled egg to ensure that I get enough protein. I have to have a smoothie in the morning because I need to take a lot of supplements (because of the celiac and I've had cancer) and all of my muscles are very rigid because of the celiac, and that includes my esophagus--so swallowing pills or capsules is really difficult for me. I also add 1/2 teaspoon of organic flaxseed oil and 3/4 teaspoon of organic safflower oil. This is the one area where I disagree with the author. Although she quotes Brian Peskin throughout her book, she apparently does not agree that organic safflower oil is good to take. I take it according to the Peskin Protocol because this formula ensures the proper ratio for Parent Omega 6s to Parent Omega 3s, which is needed to keep cells fully oxygenated. The author does note that the ratio of 6s to 3s is very important and sets forth the proper ratio, yet she appears to want people to get the proper ratio from eating foods. I don't trust that equation and prefer to take the oils to make sure that I'm actually getting the proper ratio daily. Peskin wrote, "The Hidden Story of Cancer," and I believe his advice. Perhaps the author just didn't want to "steal" his recommendation, instead preferring to agree with the Omega ratio and stating that we should get it from our diets.

Okay, so that's breakfast--whew! Lunch is a salad of organic spinach and various other greens, a few tomatoes, an avocado, some parmesan cheese, roasted chicken or tuna with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dressing.

Dinner is usually some type of meat along with broccoli that I pour melted organic butter on top of (just the broccoli, not the meat).

This is a typical day. Except for the berries in my smoothie, I eat no other fruits. I'm never hungry, but I suppose if I were to get hungry, I'd eat celery dipped in almond butter, a hard-boiled egg, or just some nuts. As for rice noodles, the author wants us off ALL grains (boo hoo!), but I don't miss them. I noticed, though, that she lists the protein content of brown rice in the back, which leads me to believe that it's probably okay to eat. I sometimes have brown rice with my dinner. The author states the number of grams/ounces of protein she wants people to eat, and I believe she doesn't give exact proportions for the fat and greens--I just know that it's probably best to serve myself moderate amounts. As for exercise, I do a routine called T-Tapp (www.t-tapp.com), some yoga, and I run a few times a week. I also try to take a few walks throughout the week, and if I have time, I go to the gym to lift weights. However, since starting the diet, I haven't bothered with the weightlifting. The fact is, though, that I do less exercise now than I did before the diet, and I'm melting away.

I do have high blood pressure, but I don't find that this diet has caused my BP to rise. Since I've been losing weight steadily, I assume that my blood pressure will probably go down over time.

I'm glad you're reading the book, and it's filled with tremendous information. Even the section on water taught me a great deal. I hope you'll be able to adopt at least some of her recommendations, but I realize that you have health concerns to consider.

Good luck....and please let us know how you're doing.

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