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Hey Everyone~

Believe it or not, this is my first forum post ever. I wanted to see if any or all had any insights into what I might be going through. I moved to the San Francisco area 4yrs ago from Hawaii. I started a new job and as the new job got underway, I began noticing I was having a lot of fatigue. I waved it off at first, just thinking this is probably related to the stress and anxiety of the job. 4yrs later I still have the fatigue, just significantly worse. I've taken all the necessary steps and tests due to having a healthcare background. First started with the good old sleep study, which of course showed sleep apnea...I'm a big guy~250lb...not obese, athletic. I started the CPAP at night which at first seemed to help, but after a short week or two, same fatigue setting back in. Next, was regular lab tests at PCP..Vitamin D was low...started taking 2000U VitD daily. Fatigue still present...now to the endocrinologist...thyroid all normal...but, testosterone on low normal side and I'm young (30yrs old). Start on testosterone replacement therapy. Began the injectables because I have a young child I don't want to get into the gel as many would understand. Fatigue is still there, not as bad, but there. I started a gluten-free regimen about 1week ago b/c the more I read, the more I feel there is one common denominator to all this fatigue. I've really never had to many GI problems, friends and family would say I go a lot through the day, but never diarrhea or constipation; however, I have had problems with acid reflux now for some time. As you can see, this is becoming a laundry list for me, and up until the last 3-4yrs I have been in great shape, health, and mind.

Does anyone have any insights into this? I like the gluten free regimen so far, and have stuck to it tightly. I actually like the way I'm eating much more now. I stick to raw foods and cook them with light seasoning. Oh and for the caffeine and alcohol question...gave those up when I started gluten free. Hopefully things improve, but in the meantime...any suggestions or advice are very welcome.

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