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Hello everyone!

My name is Cynthia. Im 32 years old diagnosed with Hashimotos about 10 years ago. For the past year or so Ive had some GI issues off and on that ive dealt with. Within the past month, my symptoms got really bad that after I would eat I would be in the bathroom with diareah, bloating and cramping. I have a friend who also went thru this as well (she also has hashis) and told me to cut out gluten. I finally did somethign abtu it and made an appointment to get tested for celiacs. The doctor said that it sounded like celiasc but would run the tests. So after my test on Monday of last week, I started cutting out gluten. I didnt have any of the symptoms i described above. by the end of the week i lost 3 lbs! Its been almost a week that ive been gluten free and i feel better. Guess it doesnt really matter what the results come back saying because going gluten free is working for me. I also had to do several rounds of iron infussions because i was very anemic. I also have irregular periods ( basically none unless i take birth control then i have them every month). Also, went through infertility and had fertility treatments with a pregnancy that ended up in a miscarriage. A year later, got pregnant naturally and now have a wonderful 3 year old boy. Other symptoms that I can think of are: Hair loss, horrible mood swings and im sure theres more that im forgetting. So glad i found a support group!

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