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Endoscopy Tomorrow

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Hi All,

I am finally going for a double-dip tomorrow ;) Endoscopy and colonoscopy. I had cancer 2 years ago and because I had pelvic radiation, my oncologist suspected I had radiation proctitis. When I met with the GI he went over everything very carefully and said he really felt it was celiac... so here I am.

Because I am "cleansing" today, I must say I haven't felt this good in years! No bloating, no nausea, no poo issues, clear head and my joints are less painful.

My major symptoms have been:




Hot flashes



Very sore joints

Sleep issues


Major fatigue

I also have Pernicious Anemia, Hashi's and the jury is out on Rheumatoid arthritis. So with all of those autoimmune problems, I'm fairly certain I also have celiac.

Even if everything comes back "normal" I'm going to go gluten free.

Wish me luck!


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The best of luck, Cory - sounds like you are on the right path. (Don't) follow the breadcrumbs. :D

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