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Fantasy Fudge - Dairy Free?

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I've made the Fantasy Fudge recipe for years: It's the one on the jar of Kraft's Marshmallow Fluff. http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/fantasy-fudge-51833.aspx

It calls for butter and evaporated milk. My son is Dairy Free too so I was looking for a Dairy-free/gluten-free recipe. I found one online that was good but it didn't set up. So I tried the Fantasy Fudge recipe using Earth Balance for the butter, Enjoy Life chocolate chips for the chocolate and almond milk. I wanted to use coconut milk but didn't have any so I used 2 oz. of almond milk instead of the 5oz. of evaporated milk that the recipe calls for. It worked pretty well, and set up just fine (a little bit weepy but nothing that ruined the taste).

Has anyone used coconut milk instead?

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