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Moon Rabbit Foods Bakery

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My sister-in-law came across this bakery at a farmer's market outside Asheville, NC. She picked up some of their scones to try and only after eating them found out all their baked goods are gluten free (not an issue for her so she wasn't paying any attention.) She sent me their info and I ordered a couple mixes because I am not big on baking (that may change the longer I am gluten-free but I've been fine doing without rather than bake!) but have to produce desserts every once in a while...

I made their vanilla cake mix yesterday for our special New Year's dessert and it was amazing. Seriously, the texture was light and fluffy and the taste wasn't too sweet with just a hint of the vanilla. Everyone who tried it said it was an excellent cake and then were surprised when I told them it was gluten free (why does everyone assume gluten free means tasteless, bland and/or awful?!?)

I'm not affiliated with the bakery in any way but if there are others out there who aren't big on baking but want something sweet on occasion I'd recommend this place. The mixes are produced at their dedicated gluten free facility and the guys who run the place are pastry chefs!

Not sure about the policy of posting links so just google Moon Rabbit Foods and it should pop up. They are in Weaverville, NC and you can order online.

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