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Glutenfreeda Pizza Wrap - I'm Reacting? Anyone Else?

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I've been having issues that make me suspect I've been being mildly glutened since, believe-it-or-not, the 2nd week of October. My son was almost clearly glutened within the past 2 weeks. I've poured over my grocery receipts and we've scoured the cupboards and the only product we found that fits is Glutenfreeda's Pizza Wraps. I think I bought my first in late Sept ... not enough receipts saved. I kept them away from my son (I was greedy) until Tuesday the 20th of Dec (2 weeks ago) ... He's had more since then. ... and, of course, he is showing symptoms of at least mild exposure.

We will (with reluctance) eliminate this from our diets for a few weeks to see if anything changes. But honestly it isn't a product I would have suspected ... I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues w/ the pizza wraps (or been suspecting.)



left-handed 45 year old mom of 4: DS1-Severe ADHD & bipolar? DD1-spina bifida & MR DS2-asperger's? DS3-??

Previous Dx: Narcolepsy, severe recurrent major depression

Dx bipolar 12/08, PCOS / pre-diabetic 12/08

EnteroLab results 01/09: anti-gliadin iga 28, anti-tissue transglutaminase iga 37, DQ2,5

Let the fun begin ...

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