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So Ive had a rash on my wrist for around 2 weeks now that isnt seeming to go away. Its nothing crazy and doesnt itch so I dont think it would be dry skin. Its just a red rash on my right wrist and a very small amount of red(barely visible) on my left wrist. I noticed it right after I made some gluten free cookies. I guess it could have been from the egg/possible dairy/or some sort of flour in the mix? It may have been a coincidence that I noticed it after the cookies and maybe it was there before. The only other thing I can think of is I recently started using Jason powersmile toothpaste. Not exactly sure when I started using it but it was around that time period. Also this toothpaste seems to give me the a very dry mouth, especially when I wake up. Anyone have any similar experiences?

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I had a rash on my face which is how i was eventually diagnosed with Celiac, get some dapsone tablets and it will clear it up for you...

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