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Could I Be Gluten Intolerant?

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Hello there,

For the past few years I have had an array of symptoms and complications that sort of sprung up out of no where. Started when I was about 17 with chronic constipation that I still have to this day (now 23). I also have bad seborrheic dermatitis and diffuse hair loss (no history of it on either side of family). At times I will have 2-4 mouth ulcers that spring up out of the blue and make my mouth painful with eating or even to brush my teeth (and it is seldom one single ulcer). I also have other minor symptoms like random muscles twitching, or a very acidic feeling stomach after eating. Over these years I have been to tons of doctors and had numerous tests from blood, urine, even a colonoscopy. Nothing has shown as abnormal and now I am wondering if it could be gluten... The only real things I have been diagnosed with are seborrheic dermatitis and acid reflux.

I realize this could potentially be many things, but from anyone else's experience, could this be a potential gluten/celiac problem?

Many thanks.

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Your symptoms definately warrant getting tested for celiac. Here is a list of the tests to ask for:

total IgA (this validates the IgA testing. If you are deficient the IgA tests are useless and need to have the IgG versions done)




If any of those are positive or your symptoms warrant, an EGD(upper scope) with at least 8-11 biopsies in the small bowel can be done to look for celiac also.

It is possible to have negative blood work and a positive biopsy or to have positive blood work and a negative biopsy and still have celiac. Or you can have negative blood work/biopsy and still have gluten be an issue. Some doctors will diagnose off blood work without requiring a biospy. Usually if both are negative and gluten is still suspected to be a problem, then the best way to test that is try a strict trial of gluten free for a good three months. After, reintroduce, and note your reactions. If you react then you know what the problem is. This is referred to as nonceliac gluten intolerence. Sometimes this is the best test available to find out if gluten is causing your problems. The body has its own way of telling us what bothers us.

If you are still consuming gluten, now would be the best time to get testing done. If you go gluten free before testing it can throw the test results off resulting in higer false negatives. Even still eating gluten there is about a 30% chance of false negatives. If you were to do that and wanted testing later, you would have to do at least a three month gluten challenge(eating 3-4 slices of bread or equilivent) to get the best chance for accurate testing. There are a lot of people who can't tolerate a challenge and don't get tested because they become to sick to endure it.

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