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gluten-free Gravy @ Whole Foods

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IMAGINE now makes a gluten-free turkey gravy & its sold @ whole foods. 8 oz for $2.79-expensive but its not like we eat it everyday. Its pretty decent. DD said she could eat it all by itself!

They also sell ROAD'S END gluten-free gravy mixes for $1.29 in 3 flavors--Golden, Mushroom, & Savory Herb. Gonna try the Golden & Savory Herb--not a mushroom fan.

I'vr tried to make gravyh& have failed miserably. I've searched hi & low for a store bought gravy & now whenever I need it I'll swing into WHole Foods. IMAGINE turkey gravy is a life saver (Well dinner saver) & I hope the other 2 are good too. I think they will be.

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I've tried the Golden gravy. In my opinion it wasn't good. Tasted like sawdust :( The premade turkey one was ok for what it is lol :) If you have some food that's nicely salted it's good :D Glad you found some alternatives :)

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