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My 12 year old and 6 year old daughters have Celiac. We just had our 6 month visit with their GI and while my 12 year old's TTG counts went from 160 to 10, my 6 year old went from 160 to 127. They are on the same diet and I have made certain that my 6 year old does not ingest anything at school. She is so knowledgable and vigilant. We have not eaten at a restaurant in 6 months. We have gone through our entire kitchen and followed all the rules to a "T". We haven't licked an envelope or even worn lip gloss. The doctor seemed perplexed and ordered more blood work. I'm going crazy trying to figure this out. Does anyone have any advice or insights to offer? Her Gliadin Peptides went from 320 to 20 but the TTG is still up there. This Celiac rookie Mom needs help!

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How is she doing otherwise ?

Give it another few months and continue to be vigilant.

Do you have pets that eat regular food ? They can be a vector. We had to put all of them on gluten free food. I have a horse who reacts to bermuda/rye/barley/soy and a dog reactive to wheat, and cats eating cheap normal food going around drinking out of different water buckets could spread some serious havoc around here. My inside cat also licks people, besides having acted as the Ghost Glutener who drinks out of the dog water dish and started episodes of massive dog scratching and licking. My outside dogs routinely drink out of the horse's water tanks, too.

Have a look also at your soaps, shampoos and conditioners and hand lotions.

Some of us cross react to oats, even gluten free oats, even if we are not technically supposed to be doing so.

I'm reacting in a not definitely gluten but still upsetting way to me to some sort of home item, I have it narrowed down to a few guesses after having been trying to figure this out for two months now. I just trialed one of the suspects today at lunch and nothing yet, so this means that if it is item B or C, supposedly "gluten free," the manufacturer has changed something, as these are items in use for years.... to say I am not pleased is an understatement. And I am an adult with years of experience at this, not a child dependent to some extent on others in a public school (landmine :blink::ph34r: ) to not mess me up. Schools are really big on this hand sanitizer **** right now, but you need to get those little hands rinsed off. One of the things that was causing me a topical allergic reaction was that I changed brands of baby shampoo that I had put in a bathroom soap dispenser, going from a store generic that worked nicely, to a famous name brand that caused my hands to crack open and turn bright red. Reading the labels shows no obvious clue as to what ingredient could possibly be doing this, and this is my second big - time cosmetic reaction within a year, after the summer debacle with the new "natural, sensitive" deodorant which also had no clue on the label as to what the heck was really in it. At least the discovery that plain baking soda and some generic body talc imitation gold bond type, works MUCH better than anything else I tried for "sensitive skin" <_< has been interesting.

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