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Wondering If The European Nationalities Suffer More From The Lectin Allergy

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I have been so blessed with this forum , and have been able to see how and why I have these issues, and can look back and see that my relatives a generation back also had them and just did not know why. Also my Aunt has the same Lectin allergy and now I will be able to help her. I was wondering if certain types of genetics suffer more than others, we are from European decent and wondered if that was a common problem for others. I was interested to read the artcle about itching from having a potato, I also did, and have had to stop them altogether.

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What type of lecithin allergy do you have?

Lecithin exists in humans, plants and animals. The allergic reaction is the result of the immune respones to one or more proteins found in the lecithin.

The source of lecithin determines what the allergy is ... Most commercial lecithin is from soybeans. Common sources of lecithin are egg yolks, peanuts/legumes, fish, yeast and grains.

Soy is one of the most widespread form of lecithin used in food production, and is the primary ingredient in lecithin granules.

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