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Michelle L

Symptoms Related To Thyroid..can They Also Be From Celiac Disease? (Specfically Puffiness Of Face)

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I have an enlarged thyroid and nodules, but long story short..all of my bloodwork has come back normal to test for thyroid disorders. My endo said adamantly I don't have Graves. I feel as well as my nutritionist suggested that I am most like have mild hyperthyroidism. My TSH is borderline low..suggestive of hyperthyroidism as well as I have a lot of symptoms of hyperthyroidism, but right now, not on any meds. Just the gluten free, dairy free diet. (just found out im gluten intolerant)

Has anyone who is gluten intolerant or have celiac disease dealt with puffiness of the face...specifically the cheeks before you went Gluten-Free? Was that one of your symptoms..(or do you think it is just related to the thyroid?) Literally my whole face and cheeks in the past year have gotten noticeably puffier. I assume this may be related to the foods I am eating that I just found out I was allergic to.

Once you went Gluten-Free..(if you had puffy face/eyes/cheeks) did you notice the swelling/inflammation went down and your face went back to normal more or less? How long did it take for you?


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Hi there! Welcome. I have Hashimoto's and Celiac DH. But it wasn't diagnosed until I was completely sick for years. I have facial swelling too mostly my upper eyelids. I have wondered if it is my thyroid but I, too, test within normal TSH levels. I don't exactly know what the facial swelling is from. Some days I do not have it. I feel great those days. I have suspected low vitamin C and low D. I tested low on vitamin D. If anyone has a definitive answer I will be most interested too. I've gone Paleo for the most part and I avoid soy so I don't know what other food issues it could be. Vitamin C deficiency does cause swelling but I don't think specifically of the face.

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