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Well, this is week four with swollen lips. For three weeks swelling still there from accidently hitting my mouth with the edge of my car door, pretty hard. The swelling never really went completely down. Then, I took Benedryl one night last week and woke up at 3am with blowfish lips. Doctor gave me a 20mg steroid, one a day for three days.

The swelling went down, but by yesterday I was really irritated with my lips still swollen, though not a lot. I tried a cornstarch paste. The swollen parts went down, but not completely by this morning.

I will not drink anymore coffee until this completely goes away. Am now drinking ginger tea and praying. Will put another cornstarch paste on lips again today after get home.

What a nightmare!

Anyone else ever experience this? I think my system is completely out of whack.

Proofreader, copy editor, herb gardener and an evolving gluten-free cook.

Had a reaction to wheat, oats, rye, and barley in a lab test done by a homeopathic doctor in 1997. Have been mostly gluten-free since then. Also highly allergic to MSG.

Here's a quote I ran across when researching self-advocacy for children with special needs that I like: "Our subconscious picks up on each positive action we take on our own behalf, lifting the spirit and deepening our self-respect." Kat James

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