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Uk Prescriptions .

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Did anyone from the UK see this - http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/9476469.Gluten_free__ban__may_save___350_000/

It's a disgrace . This bothers me a lot.

The NHS does not provide food on prescription for other groups of patients whose diseases are associated with, or affected by, the type of food they eat. ?For these reasons, we are considering whether or not the local NHS should continue to provide NHS prescriptions for gluten-free foods.?

All I can say is WTF :(

This was a comment from the article . There's SO much more gluten free choice available nowadays, so no need to have free prescriptions. / This is from a non Celiac who knows nothing about celiac disease , what a stupid person , how can a non celiac advise someone with celiac disease.

It sounds like most coeliacs need nutritional advice and guidance, and help on how to make interesting, varied and affordable meals, not a regular presciption of boring gluten-free stodge. - Yet again a non celiac clueless person trying to give people with celiac disease advise .

ook how much money the NHS, could save... If these people got their own FOOD!! - I better not say what my response to this is or I might get in trouble .

It's a joke 'm so pissed off . I also read celiac disease should be down graded to an intolrence WTF

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