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Gluten Free But Other Intolerances?

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This is my first post here, I've been gluten-free for a year now. The transition wasn't too bad for me because my sister had been diagnosed with Coeliac a few months before. After eliminating the gluten and finally getting experienced enough at it to be pretty certain I wasn't consuming any rogue gluten, I am still having problems from various things.


I have been having a weird reaction to dairy, not really similar to my gluten symptoms. No GI symptoms, but if I eat dairy, within an hour or two my skin gets really weirdly greasy, and I can smell it too, and my eyes feel weird and clogged up, and my tears are thicker than they should be. Cheese was particularly problematic, but I would usually feel perfectly fine if I had AA Organic butter. So for a long time I wasn't dairy free, because it was confusing and I didn't know what was actually the problem. It seems to be casein is the issue, but only if I consume a fair amount, that would explain why I could tolerate the butter better than other dairy. Does this seem reasonable? I am now working towards casein free, but I find it is much more difficult for me than gluten. Since butter hasn't really been a problem, I will probably try using Ghee that is labeled casein free.


This one only seems to happen if I eat rice directly, I have no problem with gluten-free bread that has rice flour. If I eat white rice or rice noodles I feel really weird the next morning. It is very difficult to describe, it's just not good. Usually I have rice with curry or something, and I was thinking it might be the coconut milk, but I also feel funny after pad thai. I am very careful and all the ingredients in the curry and pad thai are definitely gluten free, and are even labeled as such. I have no problem with corn, gluten-free Oats, or gluten-free bread, so it seems weird to me that I would tolerate all those but be sick after plain rice. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. I have been mostly avoiding rice lately.

There are other things, but I don't want this post to go on forever, and I'd rather not get a complete scattershot of replies, so I will post those some other time.



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