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I don't eat meat (but I do eat fish, but not every day), so I regularly take multivitamins, omega3 oils as well as a calcium+vitD supplement (because I don't really have dairy either, apart from a little yogurt), I prefer almond milk etc.

I know that vitamin deficiency is often seen in celiacs, but I am wondering if taking vitamins would counter that, or is it a case that no matter how many vitamins you take they just won't be absorbed? Or is is good idea to take them?

I am wondering if during the process of finding a diagnosis, if I am taking all these vitamins it could mask a deficiency?, and therefore not show up a potential problem.

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I asked my Dr. about this when first DXed. She said that vitamin supplements contain higher doses of the vitamins than one would normally get from eating the food. If there is any part of the intestine that isn't damaged, you will absorb something, and that will help you from getting too low on vitamins.

Whatever isn't absorbed will just make expensive urine.

I use several supplements, along with probiotics. They help keep the flora in the intestine balanced and help digest your foods.

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Thats great, thank you.

So I have potentially been doing myself some good :)

I don't suppose it matters if I am taking the vitamins during gluten challenge?

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