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Just Saw The Nurse Practitioner...

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It's time for me to get serious about gluten free living.

She was great actually. I resisted seeing her because she is new to my doctor's office, and my doc is an excellent and intuitive integrative medicine doctor with whom I've built great trust. She really thinks "outside the box".

Turns out the FNP also has celiac, and is very knowledgeable. I will trust what she tells me!

I had only one positive test, the TtG IgG, and she was willing to send for biopsy if I wanted but said (as is well known here) biopsies miss a lot. She suggests that I am likely in the early stages of damage, and though a biopsy may not show anything, and my skin rash is not yet widespread, she would say I AM gluten intolerant and it doesn't make sense to keep eating it just to make myself really sick.

When I got home and looked at the diagnosis sheet, she had written gluten enteropathy. Not sure how I feel about having that defined in the record, but I am glad I have something concrete that I can point to and help my husband understand that I am NOT tilting at windmills, something real is going on.

They are going to re-test only the TtG IgG in a year, and see if it has dropped. Good enough for me.

I'm not happy to have another disease, but maybe I've had it all along and could have avoided thyroid issues if I'd known. I am sure glad that I can get off the gluten now for good. It's been an uncomfortable 6 months.

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I think it might be good to have the gluten enteropathy in your record? If you need RXs in the future, they'll know to be careful in what they prescribe, and if you are ever hospitalized it's official for food restrictions.

I'm glad you've got got good medical care people to go to. I don't have that here, and I think it's really important?

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