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Regulating Your Digestion?

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For those of you who suffer from constipation - what do you do to get yourself (and keep yourself) going?

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Digestive enzymes and probiotics.

And for a while I had c until I took supplaments for my vitamin deficiencies. Now I've discovered that they can almost give me d (I was off them for a while but now I'm back on) until i get used to them again...but there's definitely something about being on them that makes me regular.

Off of them I don't have C, after my body adjusts. So maybe dealing with vitamin deficiencies will help you?

Time. I had to give it time once I was gluten-free. One day I'd be ok, next I'd have c. Took about 6 months to level out.

Drink lots of water, get regular activity. And I'm a firm believer in fiber foods, especially apples.

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