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Gene Test Interpretation

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Hi All,

I am having some trouble interpreting my Gene Test results. I had negative blood test results, a positive biopsy, and now I am trying to tie it all together with these results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0301

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0502

Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,1 (Subtype 7,5)

Interpretation Of HLA-DQ Testing: Although you do not possess the main HLA-DQB1 genes predisposing to celiac sprue (HLA-DQB1*0201 or HLA-DQB1*0302), HLA gene analysis reveals that you have two copies of a gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity (any DQ1, DQ2 not by HLA-DQB1*0201, or DQ3 not by HLA-DQB1*0302). Having two copies of a gluten sensitive gene means that each of your parents and all of your children (if you have them) will possess at least one copy of the gene. Two copies also means there is an even stronger predisposition to gluten sensitivity than having one gene and the resultant immunologic gluten sensitivity may be more severe. This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by the American Red Cross - Northeast Division. It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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DQ5 and DQ7!

Not 3,1 or 7,5, this is old lingo.

Nowadays they use the , for the alpha chain. Beta cchain the first number, then comma, then the alpha chain. Like 2,5 means DQ2 with a 0501 alpha chain and 0201 beta chain.

I see it looks like Enterolab test results, especially the interpretation.

Now in mainstream medicine, neither DQ5 nor DQ7 are the official celiac genes, but there is an important issue with DQ7:

they did not run the alpha chains---which means you do not know if there is half a DQ2,5.

You know many DQ7 have the 05* alpha chain, which is half a DQ2,5 and celiac prone too.

Some have DQ7 or the 05* alpha chain plus DQ2,2 which together form the DQ2,5 in trans, an official celiac gene.

Now you have a positive biopsy, which means you very much likely have DQ7,5 where the 05* alpha chain is the celiac half gene.

Many other labs test for the alpha chains as well, because so many have half genes just like you.

The DQ1 (=DQ5) may mean you are very sensitive to gluten, and have neuro issues from gluten.

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