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Child Endoscopy

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I had DS (2yo) and DD(almost 4) Blood tested.. While those came up negative. My daughter has issues being a stopped up. She does go most every day but she usually has pebbles. DS is better as far as his GI tract go, but has some sort of pimple looking bumps on his skin... they are not red around but are hard if you scratch them. I rather believe they both have it after my dx, then Hubby's uncle (mom's bro) had a dx earlier this year. So prompts my question... Endoscopy or no?

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There are those on this board far better versed in the subject of child endoscopes than I so it's better for them to answer you but this will bump your question up & perhaps it will receive attention.

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An endoscopy with biopsy can rule out or diagnose many different things that have similar symptoms to Celiac.


congenital deformity




Eosinophilic Esophagitus

This is just a short list and it is possible to have more than one issue going on.

If Celiac is diagnosed you can get an idea of what amount of damage needs to heal.

It is a hard decision to make. Making sure you get the correct diagnoses means you know you are treating the condition properly. B)

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