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Cross Contamination Without Intestinal Issues?

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Hi all,

I'm 47 years old, diagnosed celiac and gluten free for 8 mo now. For the past 8 weeks I have been experiancing extreme pain and stiffness in both knees. This pain developed with out any injury or trama to the knees. Both Primary and Orthopaedic doctors believe it's the begining stage of arthritis. X-rays show no indication of arthritis and MRIs will be taken within the next couple of weeks. When I mention that I have celiac and wonder if this could be a dietary problem, they both thought the idea was ridicules. I have lots of upper body joint stiffness and pain, but is related to constant repetitious movment associated with my job,(I think). I've read a lot of postings where people with celiac experiance joint pain prior to being gluten free, but I'm already gluten free experiancing this sudden pain.

My question is: Although I'm very disciplined in my gluten free diet, I have not yet taken it to the extrem of my own cookware, dishes and utensills seperate from the rest of the family. Is it possible I could still be cross-contaminating myself without experiancing digestinal problems, yet causing this joint pain?


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I am at 1 year and just now experiencing GI symptoms from glutening.

Previously, it was an ai attack - exhaustion, pain, stiffness.

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