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These Symptoms Are Bothering Me :(

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Apparently got glutened the other day - I am still getting used to what I can and can't eat and both times that I've eaten out (one time at a Mexican place; one time, the other day, at a yogurt place - I had some labeled gluten free frozen yogurt, but with fruit toppings, and it's possible there may have been CC). At this point, I am staying away from anything that isn't from my own kitchen.

What happens is that with a small amount (such as - salad dressing), I will get brain fog and headaches for the rest of the day.

For the last week though, off and on, I've experienced these sensations that I can only describe as being like an alien trying to get out of my stomach... it feels like something is "moving" in my gut. I also have heartburn and gurgling in my throat and that awful "trapped burp" feeling. That goes away only if I've been strict gluten free for a few days.

I had not been sure if I actually have an issue with gluten. When I was suspected of celiac in 07, there were other problems masking my symptoms (I ended up negative for celiac [1] and positive for Graves Disease, which was causing my worst GI symptoms). But - I seem to have had symptoms before trying gluten free (worsening indigestion), that subsided, so it may actually be a gluten issue.

I was never even close to this sensitive before I went gluten free :( The "badness" would build up over a period of time, I generally had a lot of vague symptoms, but I wouldn't feel bad for three days after putting something into my mouth.

And I have doctor-phobia now because of the number of times I've been laughed off or not taken seriously, by the way. Plus I have bad insurance (am on county).

As an aside - many of my thyroid symptoms have resolved on gluten free.

[1] Story behind that - I was on Atkins for a year and a half, then came down sick with some kind of mystery illness after I came off of Atkins. I didn't know that gluten sensitivity was a "thing" yet. After a year of worsening mystery illness, I came down with Graves Disease (borderline thyroid storm) with a DH-looking rash that resolved quickly on gluten free, but the doctor ordered my testing *after I'd already been gluten free for several weeks* then didn't follow it up any further. Ever since I was dxed with Graves, EVERYTHING has been written off to Graves.

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