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Hi All,

Been awhile since I posted. Life and all. ;)

Anyways been having some new issues. (anemia (need infusions for iron), weight loss, constant pain in the upper abdomen that radiates into my back, D and sometimes C.) Anyways, doctor tried to pull the IBS card. LMAO and I said no, we aren't playing that anymore....so then he recommended a celiac blood panel just to make sure I wasn't eating gluten. LOL so I said ok. And of course it came back negative. WOOT! I am doing good there. So then after a EDG and Colonoscopy we discovered gastritis and colitis (my poor colon is a mess).

Wondering if anyone has an recommendations for eating for colitis. Besides being gluten free....a lot of stuff online is saying no dairy, raw veggies, etc. And that colitis comes with flare ups? so I guess that's why all of a sudden and now it's calmed down. But it was going on for 5 months. So any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all! :)

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