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?cooking With Gluten

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Anybody else out there who is in the situation where they are forced to cook with gluten rich food or with ingredients that have other things you are allergic too? I am an in home care nurse and just today i went to eat a cookie cracker (because i am now on a gluten challenge). I plopped it into my mouth before i realized it was two and there was cream in the middle. Allergist told me absolutely no dairy. Within ten minutes after tasting it and spitting it out, my throat became soar and started swelling a little.


Omg! Pull my hair out crazy. I am fairly new with the diet change and only had one day to get the idea of no dairy. Why is it taking so long to break the nonchalant habits in other people's kitchens?! Other thing I used to catch myself doing even with gluten some weeks ago is if i got a little food on my finger I have a habit of just licking it off and washing my hands- dirty habit i know. Hhhhh anyway just wondering if anybody goes through the same thing or has some advice as to how I can keep my head out of my butt. Lol

Gluten and Oat Free 6/'12

Dairy, Corn and Yeast free 7/'12

Nightshade Free, Candida diet & low salicylates 8/'12

Nightshades and carbs and sugars limitedly reintroduced, most salicylates now tolerated 9/'12

No longer Reacting to yeasty breads 10/'12

Test confirmed yeast overgrowth, back on Candida diet 11/'12

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