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When I first joined this site I mentioned that I had horrible memories of PE and that I was never fit because I'd always get joint pain and muscle fatigue as a kid. It was humiliating and discouraging to hear people complain that I wasn't trying hard enough... worse to say that I "looked" like an athlete or that I looked healthy. So I got Ds in PE for being a whiner. Quite a few Celiacs could relate to those nightmares in PE.

40 years later I learned the cause of that pain and went to war against it. I'm proud to say that I completed the most rigorous exercise event I've ever had in my life and got up the next morning with no pain or fatigue whatsoever.

I'll be at a year in August and I look forward to more fitness routines and making up for lost time. I don't want to look back--at all.

I hope that's encouragement for all the newbies!

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