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Apple Cin Chex And Eos Chapstick

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Hi Guys.

I was shopping at Walmart this weekend (I normally don't go there because of several reasons, but I was there anyways) I found the new apple cin chex (marked gluten-free) this weekend AND I found the EOS (they look like little balls) chapstick/lipgloss stuff - I happened to pick one up and look at the label and it actually said gluten free!!! :D That's kinda rare for chap stick/lipstick products to say gluten-free (at least from what I have seen), so I was so excited I bought every flavor..lol. I tend to be a chap stick junky so it was very exciting for me.

Love the chap stick, haven't eaten the chex yet...prolly wouldn't taste good with my mint chap stick this morning....but soon! It will be mine..... :P

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I found the apple cinnamon Chex at our local Food City. I picked up two boxes and within a couple days one box was gone. I love them as a snack right out of the box.

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