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Anyone Have A Child Currently Doing A Gluten Challenge?

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My DS who is 6 will be starting next week. I am not looking forward to it at all, the though makes me feel ill. But I am not 100% sure that his problem was gluten? It seems as if it is the case, but I am not sure. And I need to be sure. Anyhow our GI wanted him to do a challenge later, when he had a few good years at school without illness. He missed a year out of his 2 years of pre school because he was so ill all the time. But we have found out that he has been sneaking gluten at school so the GI said lets get it over and done with.

Some of you may remember the awful time we had with him when he was young, he became so sick with Iron deficiency that he couldn't walk, couldn't play, had trouble breathing, couldn't eat and developed a heart murmur. Truly the scariest thing we have ever been through.

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