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Negative Test Results

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All of my test results came back negative, which is no surprise because I was already gluten free for four and a half months before the tests. I hadn't seen my doctor in a long time, and she suggested getting tested even though going gluten free has cleared up most of my health problems, which have either gone completely or are getting better.

She was under the impression that the test results would probably be positive for celiac even after being gluten free for that long. From reading these forums I'm doubtful of that.

I want to take her some resources (preferably peer-reviewed) that talk about how ineffective the blood test is when gluten is already eliminated. I can do a Medline search, but before doing that I wanted to see if any of you had something on hand.

I'm not sure if she can do this as a doctor, but I would much rather she came to the conclusion of "has celiac-like symptoms, but test came back negative because of no gluten" rather than "she definitely doesn't have celiac"

I REALLY don't want to start eating gluten again to get a positive test result.

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