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Celiac Wake-up Call...and Recent Gluten-free Foods From My Brave Boca



[color="#FF00FF"] [size=4] [font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]My celiac group leader's brother died of celiac complications a couple weeks ago. It's sad and it brings to mind how seriously we have to take our treatment, which is our gluten free diet. Today I read the thread here about [color="#2E8B57"]Joe C[/color], the rapper who died of celiac. It makes me so somber. I wish celiac was diagnosed quicker and more accurately, before it reaps so much damage.
I agree with other post-ers, that it would be great if celiac had a relatable famous spokesperson. At least Elisabeth Hasselbeck's [u]The Gluten-Free Diet book [/u]is coming out soon.
I still love the [color="#2E8B57"]HOUSE episode [/color]about celiac, where the medicine is making the baby sick because the pills have binders with gluten! And the [color="#0000FF"]Men In Trees episode [/color]where the Asian lady's husband is celiac. [color="#00BFFF"]Restaurant Wars [/color](on the BBC) had a challenge with "difficult" customers, including celiacs! Two of the three restaurants messed up and served a bread and a crostini to celiacs! The judge told the chefs to imagine the stress they caused those customers!
On a lighter note...I baked [color="#800080"]gluten free cookies [/color]with [color="#800080"]Pamela's Baking Mix [/color]today and Ghirardelli chocolate chips and they are great! I used the same mix for the [color="#0000FF"]pancakes [/color]yesterday and those were divine! I've got the [color="#0000FF"]Glutino pizza [/color]in the oven now. I put Hormel turkey pepperoni on it. I'm gonna have edamame, too. I saw the Beyonce movie, Obsession, today. It was pretty good. I am excited to see her in concert this summer! I ate [color="#FFA500"]popcorn and Butterfinger [/color]and sour tape candy at the movie! That was my lunch! I need to work out now!
I tried gluten free turkey [u]sausage patties by Shelton's and they were nasty[/u]. Lumpy texture and bad flavor. Last week I cooked bison burgers and even made [color="#4B0082"]veggie pasta (Mrs. Leeper's[/color]) with [color="#2E8B57"]bison meatballs [/color]([color="#2E8B57"]Orgran gluten-free breadcrumbs[/color])-very tasty!
On a surprise invite, I went to see [color="#FF0000"]Joss Stone's concert [/color]last week (sultry, jazzy voiced Brit, young & cute- trademark is she sings barefoot). I like the songs, "Jetlag", "A Right to Be Wrong" and the more commercial hits she's had as well. I'd seen her years ago at VH1's Diva's Live in Las Vegas. Anyway, since it was after work, we stopped spontaneously at an Italian restaurant and I had Snapper with a tomato sauce and veggies and a mista salad with v/o. The waiter had some notion of what celiac was and it was a delicious meal. I wonder if you guys believe me when I say that I've had the best luck at Italian restaurants...they use lots of spices and olive oil (they would never marinate a steak in soy sauce, for example) and all you have to do it emphasis no cc for the bread! Really!
This week we're going to another concert and we'll eat at [color="#4169E1"]Ciao Bella,[/color] where they serve gluten-free pasta. I'll bring along the [color="#000080"]gluten-free croutons (by Gluten Free Pantry)[/color] and [color="#008000"]dressing (Kroger Poppyseed)[/color]I like. Last time they served the REGULAR pasta, but before I ate it, she ran over to take it away! So, when I make the reservation (and to the waiter), I'll mention that they need to use a unique shaped plate to signify an allergy.
I've been taking Ian's gluten-free [color="#008080"]fish sticks and Chicken Nuggets [/color]to work for lunch. The nuggets are good with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce ($1 a bottle).
I've been feeling pretty good lately, except for my wrists. Shooting pains, soreness, and pain when I push myself up or use the can opener. I bought an electric one last week. My mother, her sister, and my grandmother all had [u]carpal tunnel[/u]. My mom wore the arm braces and got better without surgery. I really DON'T want the surgery! My doctor says it's from writing too much at work--12 years of teaching! I have to write 33 report cards that are quadruplicate (thick)! Ugh. It's common with teachers...my friend a year younger than me (he's 32) just had surgery for it and the scar is ugly and a terrible visual reminder that he had to go under the KNIFE! Ugh...I don't want THAT! I must wear the braces. Must. Must[/font].[/size][/color]


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