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G1, Guys, And Glutenfreelosity



[color="#483D8B"][size=4]Bigg Papi is what the charm on his thick, gold chain necklace reads. Take away one g and you have his license plates. What can I say? He makes me laugh. So, I took him to my friend's house to a barbeque and it was funny. I begged him to tell everyone about how, being raised as a foster kid in NY, his siblings think he has big $ out here and call him Hollywood, they always call him when there are funeral expenses in the family. He says, "I'm tired of paying for caskets. Next time we're just gonna reuse the same one and keep it in the garage." As far as dating goes, that was our last date, so he's now a "goner", lol. He is too stubborn and closed-minded for me.
Rewind to our first date: Yardhouse's gluten free menu isn't that great. As in: it's just many items from the regular menu, with tags stating what you must order them WITHOUT. The magic word in the gluten free lifestyle: Without. Without flavor. Without sauces. Without texture. Without pretty garnishes. Without regular beer. Without kisses if your honey has had a sandwich or a beer. Without bleu cheese crumbles or won ton crunchies. Without, without, without.
boo hoo poor me. LOL
Anyway, men love the Yardhouse. I love their chopped salad and Redbridge beer and the Lakers on tv. Hence, I go there. So even before the gluten-free menu, I had already used my very own brain power to realize that I could have the chopped salad and a spicy vinegrette dressing. I've had it a few times. However, last week, I got glutened. On our 1st date. And he didn't know. Upon the first strange pang in my stomach, I discreetly popped Immodium. A couple hours after, I excused myself to the restroom. For a LONG time. And then I said that I had a nice time and let's go now. And I gave a hug and got in my Bond Girl Car and dropped the top, as for the wind to distract me from my gurgling tummy, and sped home.[/size][/color[color="#FFFF00"]]***********************************************************************************[/color] [size=3][color="#800080"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Random thoughts from tangents in my mind:

My realtor (whom I used to teach next door to) made a wrinkled-nose type of face when telling me her daughter (who does many things in a "different" way, she likes to say) is on a crazy diet b/c her grandson has autism and it's called "gluten free" or something. Right. Crazy. Right. hmmm. Does she know she's offending me?
I put in an offer on a short sale March 5 and still haven't gotten an answer. I guess it really should be called LONG sale.
My new G1 phone is so awesome! I can google any product right in the aisle! I'm glad my old phone fell in the pool!
I finally got the Flex Spending plan company to realize that I can show comparable prices of "regular" items from ANY store, not just the same store as my gluten free purchases, to get my pre-tax reimbursements.
Honey Nut Chex: I like it! I really, really like it!
Random Menus:
Yesterday I ate: Breakfast: part of a Pamela's gluten-free cookie
Lunch: No time to pack, so had to make do with the stuff I keep at work in the freezer and fridge: Peanut Butter Sandwich and some Ian's gluten-free fish sticks w.ketchup
Snack: Raspberries and fruit snacks
Dinner: Reheated gluten-free Mrs. Leeper's colorful veggie corkscrew pasta with Prego sauce and Kinnickick Italian bread grilled on the stove with spray butter and garlic salt sprinkled on top.
Usually I have broccoli, but I ate it all the night before.
Today: Breakfast: A whole row of Kinnickinick Montana's Choc. Chip cookies and milk.
Lunch: Nothing. I was hungry, but I was on the phone. Now I lost my appetite.
Dinner: Going out for sushi with my sushi buddy later. I usually have steamed edamame (soybeans in their pods that you pop into your mouth), albacore sushi (not rolled) with lemon squeezed on top (I don't really like gluten-free soy sauce), and warm mussels with green onions and lemon and cheese, and maybe a scallop sushi roll if I trust the chef[/font].[/color]



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