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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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S'mores! And More



Kinnickinnick gluten-free Graham Crackers + chocolate + marshmallows = Yum to the Oh Yeah! I never thought my trigger would be tripped by a plain ol' graham cracker! I have yet to master the way I got it once to be soft and warm in the microwave. They are no where near chalky. So nice.
Unfortunately, I also laid my hands on some Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies-yuck...aside from $ down the drain, they're a waste of calories in the sweets allowance, so I spit it out. Also sampled St. Amour Brownie Madelines. Ugh. Fruit aftertaste. ew.
As for the rest of October, I'm mostly about resting up and planning for Oct. 31 and November. Excited to pass out candy in my new neighborhood in my house with the dead grass that adds good ambience.
I have my pinup girl costume. Excited about the 40's hair and makeup. No date- I let the IrishProgrammer thing fade out and I'm currently enraptured with Major M. He's military and serving in The Republic of Georgia now, so I get nightly phone calls and emails. He has had the hardest time of anyone figuring out the gluten-free modifications! He kept drinking beer or gin or gobbling pizza during our dates and thought I was being demure about not kissing him afterward. I was seriously ready to maul him! (One day, after he'd obtained the clearance for entry to my batcave) I said, Do not eat or drink anything b4 u get here! And I kissed him as soon as he came over. :)
As it would happen, I took him to Macaroni Grille one Tues. and had the same meal I've had b4 of spinach and scallops, and felt some pains and popped some Immodium in the restaurant...got home and I was s-i-c-k! I don't think he noticed. Then I was sitting on his lap and he told me that he had to go to the Rep. of Ga for a month and that he wouldn't have cared before, but now that he met me, he doesn't like that he has to go Tuesday... I said I was aware that these things happen in his career field and that I considered it a business trip, just like any guy in a suit and tie. Well, he told me that was the best reaction he has ever gotten when telling a woman about having to leave.
Well, I'm just logical (more of a thinker than a feeler, really)-he's not in harm's way. He's just teaching and stuff. But, now, I'm feeling weird since he's not here to go places with me and I feel bad telling him about my plans (friends from various states flying to Vegas for my bday), etc. while he's locked down on some campus in some place over near Turkey and Russia. But he really seems to be enjoying his work there and all the architecture, food, and culture.
Anyway, here's how my GLuten/brain fog whipped some drama into the situation: As he continued talking that night, my stomach was audibly groaning and inflating and I was trying to keep focused, while figuring a way to cut the night short, since I needed some private porecelain time. So, I reiterated that I didn't feel well. I asked if he could hear my stomach and he said yes. He went home.
So, the next morning, I had the WORST brain fog ever. I was driving to work thinking, he said something about leaving, and something about he likes me and what was that other thing? And I remember he said "Woman!" and what was that about.... I told him later that my memory was all blacked out.
FF a few days...Saturday we were hanging out and he asked if I was taking him to the airport. And I said I work Tuesday, but what time? And he said not Tues., TODAY at 4:00. I told him he was joking. No, he said he had to [u]be there [/u]Tues. and it takes 2 days to fly there. So, I said -No!- he hadn't told me. And we figured that he DID tell me -on that gluten night, when I'd pretty much blacked out. Go gluten.

menu today:
B: pomegranate raspberry Lucerne yogurt and jasmine tea
L: Ian's gluten-free chicken nuggets w/bbq sauce and a side of fresh (on sale) raspberries
Snack: Organic EnviroKids gluten-free rice krispy bar- chocolate (they're fair flavor-wise, ok texture)
Dinner: Tamale and taco with steamed carrots and black olives whole
Dessert: S'more and strawberry ice cream


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