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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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New Years



Ok we have decided to stay home for New Years which I am glad about. Christmas Eve turned out to be horrible! I know its mostly me and my emotions but I felt that no one but my mom and hubby cared at all. They all just snacked and said how yummy it all was and there I sat, my first xmas, watching them all enjoy themselves. I did bring my own piece of chicken and cornbread and vegi but I wasnt prepaired for the insensitivity I recieved. Everytime I was asked about celiac disease and I started to explain it it was like their attention went else where and they were off on another subject! I was glad to go home. Hoping next year will be good, I will know alot more about celiac disease and the foods I can eat and my emotions will be alot better, I hope, lol.

One really good thing I have noticed though, in the past 3 weeks of making this huge change, my son and daughter are trying really hard to keep the kitchen cleaned up at all times and they wash the counter tops with my soap. They are trying so hard and that really makes me feel loved!
And of course my wonderful hubby reads every label for me and checks the medications for me too!

Well everyone have a safe happy and gluten free NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
hugss to all :)


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